Wynberg Plumbing Works

Dear Wynberg Plumbing Clients,
It is with great regret that I write to you; but it has come to my attention that there have been individuals, sometimes former employees, and companies falsely acting as being an offspring of Wynberg Plumbing Works.  Unfortunately none of these claims are true and therefore for your safety we have implemented certain measures (please click here) to ensure that you know exactly who will be working for you when arriving on site.
Kindest Regards,
Werner Ewers

Since its establishment in 1951, Wynberg Plumbing Works (Pty) Ltd has become renowned for offering a dependable, high quality plumbing maintenance service in the wider Cape Town area.
The 24 hour services provided include repairs to and the installation of cylinders and taps, as well as the cleaning of blocked drains. WPW is specialised in solar systems, heat pump and grey water installations.

As we all know: water is very precious, so we make sure that no drop is wasted.

Owner Werner Ewers says: “I am very proud of our experienced team of qualified workers. Most of them have been with the company for a very long time and it feels like a big family”.

Plumbing certificates
According to a new regulation all properties sold in Cape Town must be issued with a certificate of compliance (CoC) by an accredited plumber. The plumber needs to certify that all water installations comply with national building regulations.